“Cost efficiencies have already been recognized since exhibitor services supervisors are now able to be on the show floor determining additional needs
rather than inputting orders. We believe we have raised the bar and differentiated ourselves from the competition.”

-Martie Sparks, VP Banquets, Catering annd Convention Services at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center

The general service contractor is the one who needs to worry about exhibitor orders, right? Not quite. If you're providing them with multiple forms to include in their exhibitor kit, someone in your organization is still keying in orders. It is no doubt a competitive differentiator if you can offer exhibitors online ordering and streamline your own order management in the process. The Boomer Store can present just the products you directly provide or include the products of third party vendors, and manage commission arrangements as well.

Want your own store identity? You got it.

Boomer Store becomes a click away from your main marketing web site (usually the link is titled “Online Ordering” within Exhibitor Services or something similar but can be whatever you want). As part of the easy set up process, you'll upload your logo, pick colors and fonts and customize descriptions so the Store feels like it's a natural extension of your current identity.
Boomer Commerce® Event Home Page

Don't Miss Marketing Opportunities

You can create links to other departments or third parties right on the home page of the store. In the above example, the local golf club has placed an advertisement within your landing page, giving them extra visibility to exhibitors.

Bring Products To Life

A picture is worth a thousand words
It's a proven fact. Customers are more likely to buy something online if there's a quality image that represents it. In Boomer Commerce®, you can attach photos to products so an exhibitor can really understand what they're selecting. Even if it's not food and beverage, like is pictured here, your products will benefit from images.
You want it when?
For products that rely on time sensitive delivery, the shopper is prompted to select dates and times. Products are easily added across multiple days.
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We've all taken advantage of recommended items in our own shopping experiences, right? For each product in the Store, complementary products can be linked and displayed within a product's page to encourage cross selling.
Boomer Commerce Product Detail

Modifiable Orders

Change happens. An order might be placed three or four months before an event. You only solve half your problem if exhibitors can't make changes to their order after initially placing it, because then you're back to phone calls and faxes. Boomer let's you set cut-off dates to determine when modifications are possible and if they require your approval in order to be finalized.

Persistent Shopping Cart

Boomer prevents users from abandoning potential purchases by supporting a persistent shopping chart. The exhibitor may put products in the cart but need to call exhibitor services to ask a question or complete the order. No problem. Your team can finish placing the order or take payment information via telephone if the exhibitor wants or needs it that way.
Boomer Commerce® Shopping Cart

Let Exhibitors Manage a Profile

When exhibitors login, they see their upcoming events, upcoming orders and historical orders. They can manage basic profile information and store credit cards securely.
Boomer Commerce® Exhibitor Profile

Boomer Admin: Your Complete Order Management and Fulfillment Cockpit

The storefront is the tip of the iceberg. Click here to find out how to administer your storefront from order entry to payment processing to fulfillment.

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