Even if general service contractors and venues are the primary way exhibitors order what they need for their booth, as a specialty supplier you still need an order management system to fulfill those orders. But Boomer Commerce® is so much more than order management; it let's you provide a link rather than a form so if an exhibitor wants to order what you offer, you make it far more convenient for them and for you. That convenience translates to reduced manual labor and potential increases in sales with what e-commerce brings to your customers.

An Identity All Your Own

The Storefront looks and feels like an extension of your own web site. Your logo, your colors, your products. Whether you're selling audio visual, food and beverage, flowers, water coolers or lead retrieval systems, take the current PDF product catalog and bring it to life in your very own Boomer Storefront.

Use the customizable HTML area within the event to communicate hot products, the show schedule, or anything else important for the exhibitor to know about you and your products.

Boomer Commerce® Event Home Page

Think New Revenue Opportunities

You can create links to other vendor partners or sponsors right on the event's home page. In the example above, the golf club has placed an advertisement within your landing page, giving them extra visibility to exhibitors and you extra revenue in your pocket.

Your Products Presented Your Way

Bring Products to Life
Use images to clearly define a product and set the exhibitor's expectations up front.
Control price and availability
Determine whether products are available or not on an event-by-event basis. Apply price increases or concessions for one or more products at once. Configure advanced and standard pricing separately.
Configure Product Details
Use attributes, delivery and pickup times as necessary to collect the information you need to fulfill a customer's order.
Cross Sell Complementing Products
Suggest other relevant products the exhibitor might want to enhance their other selections.
Boomer Commerce Product Detail

Boomer Admin: Your Complete Order Management and Fulfillment Cockpit

The storefront is the tip of the iceberg. Click here to find out how to administer your storefront from order entry to payment processing to fulfillment.

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