While the Storefront is all that matters to the exhibitor, the administration side of Boomer Commerce® is what makes it possible to keep "the lights on" and manage your entire order management process. In fact, when the exhibitor places the order, it's the beginning of an automated workflow that ensures you deliver what the exhibitor requested, right and on time. From product administration to supplier commissions to event analytics, Boomer Admin's got you covered. Even if you receive an order on a manual form, you can enter it in Boomer Admin, process the payment, and send an e-mail confirmation to the exhibitor.

The Dashboard:
Everything You Need to Know

Live statistics tell you everything you need to know about orders for an event such as:
  • How productive is my storefront?
  • When are exhibitors ordering?
  • How many orders has each department received?
  • How many exhibitors have placed orders?
  • What is the average order size?
  • What is the total revenue for this show?
You know it all. Instantly.
Boomer Admin® Event Dashboard

Exhibitor List Management Was Never Easier

While you may continue to get exhibitor lists in spreadsheets, importing them into Boomer Commerce® is a breeze and accepting updates to the list is easy too. Each exhibitor has a main contact, one or more booth numbers and any number of orders. Exhibitors can be designated a "type" so that special pricing can be offered to show management or VIPs.
Boomer Admin® Exhibitor List

Administer Product Lists for Yourself or a Third Party Supplier

You may have products you offer directly as well as products offered through third party suppliers. Boomer Admin lets you manage all your products by supplier and establish the commissions (splits) due those suppliers when products for that supplier are sold through your Store. To the exhibitor, all the products appear as a united inventory which makes shopping and checkout much more fluid.

Are you and your third party suppliers exclusive pals? You could even put all your products together in a single Boomer Store to make it even easier for the exhibitor to order.

A Single Product's Complexity Made Simple

The configuration options for an individual product are almost endless. Pricing, descriptions, images and selling parameters are all configurable. Establish minimum and maximum quantities, apply tax and gratuity structures by revenue types, and give products attributes like colors and sizes.

Operational Report Needs Fully Met

When you're ready to service the event, run the exact reports you need, choosing from our wide variety of options and formats. Load/Pull lists, Delivery Lists, Booth Check Lists, Work Orders, Invoices are all one button away.
Boomer Admin® Operational Tools

Analysis Quick as a Click

Managing the operational aspects of exhibitor ordering is just one part of the big picture. After you've fulfilled the orders, it's time to analyze them: Who brings you the most exhibitor revenue? What is the average order size? How does that compare to the previous time you hosted the show? Using intuitive Microsoft Reporting Services® tools, you can get those answers and more.
Boomer Admin® Analytical Tools

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