About Telling Stone

Our philosophy is that great software shouldn't get in the way of the user. It should anticipate how that user would want it to work and be designed accordingly. Features and navigation should just work and make sense. Of course, you say. But so often egos and a lack of understanding of what the user actually needs gets in the way of a creating a product that shouldn't just be usable, but should be fun to use. Founders Carl Leander and Debbie Leander have always had that philosophy in building applications. Like peanut butter and jelly ... hand and glove ... offense and defense ... they work together in a way that makes great software. And while it sounds cliché that we pride ourselves in offering over-the-top customer service, ask our customers. We really do.

Before Telling Stone, Carl and Debbie were executives at Daylight Software, developers of the meetings and convention industry's most comprehensive and flexible sales and catering product. The entire Telling Stone team shares a goal of continually making Boomer better. There's no better feeling than a new release chock full of enhancements getting rave reviews.

The Founders

Debbie Leander
Debbie's experience includes over 25 years in arming sales forces with technology in both the hospitality and hi-tech industries. Prior to Telling Stone, she was Vice President of Product Management for Daylight Software, a developer of sales and catering applications for the hospitality industry. In that role, she was responsible for determining Daylight's product direction, and defining and delivering product content. Debbie additionally oversaw all customer operations. As an officer of the company since its inception in 1995, she was involved in every stage of its growth and was involved in completing the acquisition of Daylight by its rival competitor, Newmarket International after 11 years in operation.

Debbie's experience with hotel sales and catering automation began in 1989 at Newmarket International. Originally hired as a trainer for the company's premier product, Delphi, she moved to director of training and was then promoted to director of sales. Under her direction, sales increased over 200% in less than two years.

Debbie is a graduate of Babson College, with a B.S. in finance and entrepreneurial studies. She served on the board of directors for the Software Association of New Hampshire for three years, chairing the InfoXchange Educational Conference Committee for two.
Carl Leander
Carl has 30 years' experience in developing end-user software applications. Prior to co-founding Telling Stone, Carl was Vice President of Product Development at Daylight Software, responsible for the company's technical staff and development activities, including software engineering, database design, technology analysis, and delivery on project plans. He was chief architect of Daylight enterprise® which was considered the crown jewel by Daylight’s rival competitor, Newmarket International in its acquisition of Daylight in March of 2006.

Carl was also previously Vice President of Product Development On-Site at Shaw Data Systems, Inc. During his tenure, he held a succession of engineering and product development positions, including Programmer Analyst, Project Leader Small Systems, and Director of Micro-Based Systems. At Shaw Data Systems, he was the major architect in the design and implementation of On-Site, the company's state-of-the-art, multi-currency portfolio accounting system based on client-server technology and used by investment managers, mutual funds, banks, and plan sponsors in North America, Europe, and Asia. Earlier in his career, Carl was a consultant for Client Server Software, Inc., where he participated in the design and development of DeskTop Superstore, an online purchasing system for Harvard University.

He attended Northeastern University where he majored in Accounting and graduated from Cambridge Institute where he studied Computer Science.